Certificate of competency


The certificate is issued to all workers after successfully passing practical and theoretical examinations.

It is issued by the SZU Brno s.p. (state enterprise), an accredited body No. 3088  by the Czech Accreditation Institute o.p.s.for certification of persons according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 1724: 2013.
  • We are a certified workplace for SZU Brno.
  • The training centre is equipped in accordance with the requirements of certified training EN 1591-4.


5 years - provided two following conditions are met, otherwise the certificate must be withdrawn:

  1. There was no interruption in the work as a mechanic of bolted assemblies longer than 6 months.
  2. There are no reasons to question his abilities and skills as a mechanic of bolted assemblies.


For the next 5 years after passing the theoretical and practical re-examinations.

  • Should the candidate fail the re-examination he/she must complete the full training again including passing the final tests.


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