Dry lubricants application


We have been involved with the application of the POWER®torque LF kote 450 fired paint for more than 10 years. During this time we have gained extensive experience with materials, surface treatments and mutual relationships between them. Spraying (lubricating threads, surface of the nut faces and under the heads of the bolts) is applied in technologically advanced and well equipped production plant.

The result is a perfectly lubricated connecting material that prevents seizure - jamming. In this the mechanics have an ideally treated fasteners, which does not need any further lubrication.

POWERtorque LF Kote 450

  1. Provides a low and constant coefficient of friction over the full range of tightening torques.
  2. Tensioning forces can be evenly transmitted across the entire circumference of the flange joint.
  3. It is permanently anchored to the surface of the base material, can not be squeezed out due to tightening.
  4. Resists high surface pressures on sliding surfaces.
  • Can be applied to any base material (stainless steel, black steel, galvanized finishes and others).
  • It is an integral part of the fastening material supplied by us.
  • We also apply it on materials supplied by customers.
Actual values of friction coefficients and force transmissions in a screw connection are regularly verified on a special measuring device. In the long-term we are also engaged in comparing the properties of different lubricants.

Resistance to compressive load (in threads, under the nut head) - Load ASTM 2625 Method B> 250 000 psi (1 750 MPa).
Wear ASTM 2714 Method A> 300 minutes.

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Powertorque LF kote 450

POWERtorque LF kote 450 is a heat-cured lubricant. It minimizes friction coefficient and prevents screws and nuts from seizing.

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