Our divisions


Pokorny Company activities are divided into 3 interconnected departments so that we can provide you with a comprehensive solution through manufacturing, distribution, service and technical consulting.


The classical gaskets division covers the production and distribution of a wide portfolio of gasket materials. In order to offer you the shortest possible delivery times we have built a large capacity warehouse and concluded contracts with forwarders who will deliver selected goods within 24 hours.

Flange Management

The Flange Management Division offers a comprehensive solution for flange joint tightness. Although our gaskets are made exclusively of high-quality materials, their incorrect use can have fatal consequences. Therefore, our engineers will be happy to help with the leakage measurement, design the most suitable solution followed by controlled tightening of the joint.

In addition to offering comprehensive solution, the division also offers training your staff. After this training, your staff will be familiar with the issue of proper sealing and tightening, making your company more efficient and safe.


The rotary machine division is engaged in a non-drip solution for the rewinding of rotary devices such as pumps, mixers, vacuum pumps and others. In addition to the offer of wide range of mechanical packings we also carry out pump repairs, application of composite materials, repair of mechanical packings and more.

Each application is unique and the main priority of our work is to listen to our customers so we can jointly define the most advantageous design of the pump with a view of streamlining the economic, safety and environmental aspects of the whole operation.

Another area of our activity is the transport of media between the rotary device and the stationary source with the help of rotary bushings, swivel joints and articulated joints.

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