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Hatch seals

Circular and oval seals are made of temperature resistant fabrics treated with elastomers. Suitable for various applications.

Product description

The circular and oval seals are made from temperature resistant elastomer treated fabrics which are then cut diagonally into sectors, rolled, calendered and pressed.

  • Suitable for various applications, for sealing cold and hot water, high temperatures and pressures.
  • For all types of boilers.


  • Rubberized with nitrile elastomers (solvent resistance).
  • Reinforced with brass or stainless steel fibre (for high pressures and temperatures).
  • Can be manufactured in any shape, size and thickness.

Seal types

  1. A - seal made of PANXIDE M48 fabric reinforced with brass fibre and rubberised with oil-resistant rubber.
  2. B - seal made of PANXIDE M48 fabric reinforced with brass fibre and rubberized with natural rubber.
  3. C - seal made of PANXIDE GR48 fabric rubberized with natural rubber.
  4. D - seal made of 750 °C glass fibre HT fabric reinforced with stainless steel and rubberised with oil resistant or natural rubber.

Technical Specifications

Maximum temperature:200 °C standard200 °C standard500 °C standard600 °C standard
250 °C maximum250 °C maximum550 °C maximum650 °C maximum
Internal pressure (bar):20253010
Hand penetration:ABCD
Head impact:ABCD
Body breach:ABCD

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