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High pressure bearings

We can supply bearings as sets for pumps to your specification. Peripheral speed up to 40 m/s and pressure 15 to 20 bar.

Product description

Shaft sealing rings - gufers are used to seal the space of rotating shafts and other machine parts. The bushing consists of a rubber part and a metal reinforcement. The elastic outer shell of the grommet eliminates thermal expansion and surface roughness in the storage space.

  • Unique system of pressurizing the blade by the pressure of the medium.
  • Peripheral speed up to 40 m/s and pressure of 15 to 20 bar.
  • Low friction wear - higher life of shafts and bushings.
  • Drainless operation, minimal friction loss, elimination of plugging water, interesting price compared to other pump sealing methods.
  • Supplied as pump kits to your specification.


Vlastnost Hodnota Jednotka
Operating pressure
15 to 20 bar
Circumferential speed
0 to 40 m/s

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In our offer you will find a very wide range of materials and dimensions of bearings according to DIN, ISO, BSI, ASTM, CSN and other standards.


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