POWERgasket DRS-2 - Rubber-metal gaskets

POWERgasket DRS-2 - Rubber-metal gaskets

The POWERgasket DRS-2 rubber-metal gaskets has two stable sealing lips on the inside diameter for better sealing performance.

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POWERgasket DRS-2 rubber-metal gaskets is the next step in the development of these types of gaskets. It has two stable sealing lips on the inside diameter, which ensure better sealing performance. This is why the POWERgasket DRS-2 rubber gasket is also suitable for plastic flanges where high torques cannot be used.

Available in all sizes according to EN 1514-1.

Special advantages and features

  1. Secure sealing even at the lowest surface pressures thanks to the special shape of the sealing profile.
  2. High stability during installation and operation.
  3. Better tightness thanks to the 'opening effect' of the sealing lips under internal pressure loads.
  4. Surface pressure cannot be exceeded and relaxation of gasket is reduced thanks to  flexible sealing lips as  it can occur with rubber-metal gaskets with O-ring  or wedge profile.
  5. Optimal compensation for flange unevenness with flexible sealing lips.
  6. Safe compensation of small flange deformations.


  1. Plastic and steel flanges.
  2. Sealing of vacuum piping systems.
  3. Gaskets are suitable for the chemical, water and gas industries.
  4. Suitable as loose plate flange gasket.

Advantages compared to die cut gaskets

1. Higher quality rubber with hardness 85 Sh.
  • Due to the higher hardness and steel insert, the gasket is easier to insert between flanges at large pipe diameters - up to DN 2000 mm.
  • Due to higher hardness, longer service life of the gasket.
1. Higher rubber density due to higher vulcanization temperature and pressure.
2. Each gasket is marked with a material label and manufacturer's trademark.


NBR rubber-metal gasket
  • Temperature up to 80 °C.
  • Drinking water, gas, industrial sewerage with admixture of oils and petroleum substances.

Rubber-metal seal made of EPDM
  • Temperature up to 100 °C.
  • Certificates KTW, DVGW.
  • Drinking water, sewerage with admixture of acids, alkalis and others.

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