POWERgasket - Gaskets for non-parallel surfaces

POWERgasket - Gaskets for non-parallel surfaces

Solves problems due to insufficient seal elasticity and prevents leakage of pollutants. Also suitable for applications with low initial tightening torque, or where cooling and heating of the flange occurs.

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POWERgasket sealing - gaskets for non-parallel surfaces solves problems due to insufficient gasket elasticity and prevents leakage of pollutants into the environment. Also suitable for applications with low initial tightening torque, or where cooling and repeated heating of the flange occurs.
  • Thanks to its construction, the gasket is able to seal even the flange blades bent from previous tightening.
  • The most economical solution for low emission leakage and cyclic temperature stresses.
The functional parts of this gasket consist of two corrugated metal cores, covered by flexible graphite of different density and thickness. Such manufactured gaskets are mounted on a metal circular ring.
  • The construction provides better sealing properties than standard gaskets.
The corrugated shape increases the ability to return to its original state and reduces the surface of the gasket at the beginning of the tightening. At the same time, it reduces the contact pressure value needed to achieve the sealing function. This results in the stability of the bolts and the increased stability of the compressive force during the temperature cycles.

The production process of laying the graphite onto the surface of the metal core ensures its application without pores, which occur in gaskets of graphite plates.
  • The gasket thickness of 9.4 mm prevents the outer diameters of the flanges from touching each other.
  • The gasket deflection during assembly is min. 2 mm.
Protected by registered EU Industrial Design No 001933151.
Sealing material - flexible graphite
  • Contains a passive corrosion inhibitor.
  • Adaptive to a flange unevenness.
  • Free of additives and adhesives (high purity).
  • Chemically resistant.
  • Reduced porosity.
  • Thermally conductive.
  • Low thermal expansion.
  • Not manufactured by rolling process, therefore the properties are uniform in all directions.
Metal core
  • 316/1.4401
  • 304/1.4301
  • 309/1.4828
Quantity Value
Maximum temperature - oxidizing atmosphere: +450 °C
Maximum temperature - steam: +650 °C
Maximum pressure: vacuum to 306 bar (depending on temperature and gasket size)
pH: 0-14
Graphite specific gravity: 0,64 and 1,84 g/cm3
Typically, graphite is applied to the metal core of the gasket only in a single density thus providing the single density benefits.
  • Low and high-density graphite is applied to the POWERgasket - a gasket for non-parallel surfaces, whereby the gasket benefit from both values.
Expanded graphite contains a passive inhibitor of oxidation and corrosion.
  • The inhibitor prevents corrosion on sealing surfaces and increases operating temperature in oxidation atmosphere up to +525 °C.

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