POWERgraf Cor

POWERgraf Cor

Thin serrated tape of expanded graphite. For the production of pressed packing rings, spiral-wound seals and sealing of dividing planes.

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Thin serrated tape of expanded graphite.
  • The serration increases the mechanical strength and plasticity of the foil.
  • The tapes may be fitted with a self-adhesive layer to facilitate assembly.
  1. To make seals on site
  2. For the production of pressed packing rings
  3. For the production of spiral wound seals
  4. For sealing dividing planes
Can be used to repair a sealing layer of a ctenoid seal and to repair minor defects on sealing surfaces.

Supplied thicknesses:
  • 0.50 mm; 0.38 mm - only without the self-adhesive layer

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