Powertorque LF Kote 450

Powertorque LF Kote 450

POWERtorque LF kote 450 is a heat-cured lubricant. It minimizes friction coefficient and prevents seizing.

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POWERtorque LF kote 450 is a heat-cured lubricant. It creates a dry, surface-fixed sliding film with a long-lasting lubricating effect even under extreme compressive loads. The thin lubricating film keeps the individual materials permanently apart from each other = preventing the surfaces from “merging” together (e.g. a screw and a nut). Especially suitable for stainless materials.
  1. Permanently anchored to the surface of the base material.
  2. Prevents the materials from merging” together.
  3. Minimizes friction coefficient.
  4. Minimum spread of tightening forces in individual bolts ensures an evenly spread compression on gaskets.
  5. Equal tightening ensures tightness of the joint.
  6. Allows trouble-free loosening.
  • Application between -70 °C and +450 °C.
  • Extreme resistance to pressure caused in screw threads or washers during tightening.
  • Totally eliminates errors in on-site lubrication.
Resistance to compressive load (in threads, under the nut head) - Load ASTM 2625 Method B> 250 000 psi (1 750 MPa).
Wear ASTM 2714 Method A> 300 minutes.

Effect of POWER®torque LF kote 450 on tightening force transmission:
  • The knowledge of the friction coefficient is important for the actual calculation of the tightening torque and the determination of the precise pressure on the gasket.
  • The constant coefficient of friction for all fasteners used ensures a uniform distribution of pressure on gaskets over the entire circumference of the flange joint sealing surface.
POWER®torque LF kote 450 can be applied to all basic screw and bolt materials - steel, galvanized finishes, stainless steel, and more.
  • Depending on the type of application we select different compositions and combinations of the slide lacquer.
  1. LF kote 450 B has excellent sliding properties.
  2. LF kote 450 R has high chemical and corrosion resistance, prevents especially galvanic corrosion. The applied layer acts as an insulator against transmission of el. galvanic cell charges resulting from contacts of different metals, e.g. stainless steel / steel.
We carry out POWERtorque LF Kote 450 application of dry lubrication on the connecting material. We have at our disposal modern production and technological facilities that allows us accurate application of the sliding layer. The fitters then have at their disposal a perfectly treated jointing material, which does not have to be lubricated, does not seize and ensures a uniform transfer of forces in each flange bolt. The preparation is particularly suited for stainless steel material.
  • We apply the preparation on fasteners supplied by us or by you - be it screws, washers, or nut faces.
  • Can be applied to any base material - stainless steel, black steel, galvanized finishes and others.

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