Thermoshield 850 / 1250

Thermoshield 850 / 1250

Temperature resistance up to 850 °C or 1250 °C and flame. Applications in steel and metallurgy industries, furnaces and the like.

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Refractory boards are made on the basis of inorganic fibres bonded by binders using a wet process.

Temperature resistance: up to 850 °C or 1250 °C and flame.

Properties: low loss of volume by high temperature firing, large heat jump even at low thickness, good sound insulation, high compressibility. Seamlessly cut and die, dimensional stability.

Use: Especially steel and metallurgy industries, furnace construction, hot air lines, thermal insulation, fire protection and more. Gas seals, electrical applications and insulation.


Sheets 1000  x 1000 mm
Thicknesses from 1.5 to 15 mm

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