Solutions of problematic joints

Solutions of problematic joints

Based on the technical data supplied by a customer, we propose the most suitable sealing solution for flange joints whose tightness fails.

Calculation of tightening torques with the certificate of tightness according to EN 1591-1

Experienced Flange Management experts work with a certified torque calculation program. They suggest an optimal solution for the tightness of your flange joints. Furthermore, subsequent controlled tightening is performed by our trained installers (trained according to EN 1591-4) from the TORQUE SERVICE group.

Sealing experience

Thanks to more than 25 years of development, production of gaskets and close cooperation with experts, we have detailed information about sealing materials. We utilize long-term experience and knowledge in the manufacture as well as supply of seals made of materials with the best properties and suitable sealing class for the given flange joint.

We also develop our own types of seals - for example POWERgasket for non-parallel surfaces, which is protected by an industrial design. We cooperate with university experts and with experts dealing with testing of seals. We offer cooperation to design offices.

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