Training according to EN 1591-4


We provide training according to EN 1591-4 Qualification of personnel competency in the assembly of the bolted connections of critical service pressurized systems.
This standard applies to bolt joints mechanics, surveillance workers and responsible technicians who dismantle, assemble and tighten screw connections in pressure equipment in critical applications.

The reason for the introduction of EN 1591-4 is the long-term research results which suggests that the human factor is up to 50% the cause of failure of flange joints.

Our training centre is equipped with audio technology and modern technologies for both theoretical and practical teaching. For example we have:
  • Special strain gauges for demonstration of force transmissions.
  • Flanges with all types of bearing surfaces on which pressure tests can be carried out.
  • Pre-stressed piping for simulation of flange misalignment and drilling of flange spreading.

The training centre is located in the premises of our manufacturing plant in Hodonín.
We will prepare a price offer for you based on the required number of persons you wish to attend the training.

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