Injectable packings compounds POWERpack-inject

Injectable packings compounds POWERpack-inject

Injectable packing compound for pumps, mixers and fittings. A unique fibres and lubricant combination allows to attain almost zero leakage.

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The injectable packing compound for pumps, mixers and valves sealing is based on high quality syntetic fibres blended with carefully selected mixture of lubricants. This unique fibres and lubricant combination allows to attain almost zero leakage.

  • Patented POWERpack-inject Seal-Cage-System significantly improves functionality,integrity and reliability of injectable packing compounds.
  • POWERpack-inject packing compound may be injected during operation of pumps, mixers and fittings.
  • Does not depend on cooling or lubrication by packing flush water or pumped media.
  • Thanks to a low coefficient of friction and shape adaptability it helps extend the life of the sealed joint by reducing shaft and sleeve wear.
  • Easy to install.
  • Repacking made easy.
  • Repacking while equipment is operating - no interruption of production, considerably less downtime, longer continuous working periods of equipment.
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction saves the energy, reduces heat build-up and shaft wear.
  • Saves on water and waste water because no flush water is required.
  • Operates leakfree.
  • Works well with slightly worn shafts or sleeves because of excellent shape adaptability.
  • Reduces operating costs and extends equipment life.
The idea to inject a soft, shapeable packing into the stuffing box chamber instead using relatively tough braided packing rings is not new. But its use did not prevent an uncontrolled shifting and shaping of the end rings in the stuffing box chamber, resulting in their shorter service life and increased consumption of the injectable packing compound.

This issue has been resolved by the use of the POWERpack Inject patented system which considerably improves the packing compactness and shape stability, reduces the injectable packing compound consumption and increases the sealing system reliability and durability. Shaft wear is reduced.
POWERpack - Inject 20
A blend of expanded graphite particles and high-temperature resistant lubricants for extreme service applications.
  • Up to 400 °C, steam up ot 600 °C
POWERpack - Inject 26
A non-staining, non-toxic fibre with FDA-approved and recommended lubricants.
  • Up to 260 °C
POWERpack - Inject 27
A blend of high performance gPTFE fibres and chemically resistant lubricants.
  • Up to 280 °C


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